CLOSED SEPT. 30 – October 6



CLOSED SEPT. 30 – October 6

Welcome to The Neptune Movie House aka The Neptune Theatre!!! My (now 13 year old) son and I purchased this theatre back in October of 2018. We recognized that this peninsula treasure needed some love and decided we were just the ones to give it to her. We didn’t realize JUST how much love she needed until we started in on her. There is not much that we have not replaced or updated in the last couple of years. This dying theatre has been transformed into a fun, safe, comfortable and affordable space for all ages.

Covid hit us hard last year, keeping us either closed or dead slow for almost the entire year. After the second shutdown, we knew we had to do something to survive. So, with the help of friends, family and community, we speedily put in a drive-in theatre on the back of the property. What a headache it was but with the response we’ve had so far, it was well worth the stress!

If you get the chance, stop on in and say hi! 😊

CLOSED SEPT. 30 – October 6


Movies are $7.00 per person for both the inside theatres and drive-in

2 years old and younger are FREE

In order to keep our prices as low as possible, we are unable to offer any other discounts

Neptune Movie House 360

The Neptune Movie House can be rented out for various events including but not limited to:
Birthday Parties
School Field Trips
Employee Parties
Retirement Parties
Church Groups
Senior Groups
Large Groups
Meetings and a Movie